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For dukas

shops / dukas / kiosks / salons / barbershops

Android App

simplePOS is ideal for small businesses that typically record everything in a book. Runs on the simplest Android phone. Features include

  • Create your own inventory
  • Record every sale you make
  • View daily, monthly sales reports
  • Secure cloud storage of your data
  • Shops / Users so far - ¡2,100!
simplePOS Elite
For businesses with distribution networks

manufacturers / suppliers / salespeople / regions

Mobile | Web
Android App | dedicated web app

simplePOS Elite is ideal for business with salespeople around a country that manage various regions and / or customers

  • Add your salespeople and assign region/s
  • Create your own inventory
  • Add your customers in different regions
  • Receive orders from salespeople on behalf of customers in their regions
  • Easily manage collections from salespeople
  • View account receivables on customers the customer manages

Mobile ewallet

peer-peer lending

Android App

Mobile ewallet aiming to capture informal lending space

For loan officers in the field

microfinance institutions / banks

Mobile | Web
Android App | dedicated web app

simpleMFI is ideal for microfinance institutions with loan officers in the field who manage individuals and groups (chamas). Features include

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Loan application and collections
  • Seamless sync with back-office
Affordable safari transport

transport / tour guides / safaris

Mobile | Web
Android App | web app

safarisource offers competitve prices for anyone looking for a tour guide with a safari van

Fieldwork app for surveys

health / custom surveys / sms reminders

Mobile | Web
Android App | web app

M-Ziara enables an organisation to create surveys for its fieldwork staff to implement

  • Create a survey
  • Allocate survey to various teams in the field
  • Collect data
  • Seamless sync with back-office
Emergency Response and Monitoring

disease / pandemic / monitoring

Mobile | Web
Android App | web app

ERM comprise a survey service to map probable outbreaks, field officers / hospitals case reporting and rapid response evaluation

Farmer co-operative management

fieldwork / farm aggregators / farm inputs

Mobile | Web
Android App | web app

simpleCO-OP eases management of co-operatives

  • Add your field officers and assign region/s
  • Create your own product list
  • Add your customers/producers/farmers in different regions
  • Receive collections from field officers behalf of customers in their regions
  • Easily manage farm input vouchers from filed officers on behalf of farmers + agrovets
  • View account receivables for each customer
  • Farm ratings from extension officers
  • Co-operatives using so far - ¡2!

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UNDP - Kenya Govt

National Conflict and Early Warning System

Mobi Changa


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simplePOS Elite

Nation Media Group

N-SOKO / Print Ads booking


WiFi installations and Maintenance

Amani Gardens

WiFi installations and Maintenance

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Ecommissary Systems has been building both mobile and web systems in varied industries for years. We also do network maintenance, installation and diagnosis in addition to security installations. We pride ourselves as being innovative, nimble and versatile.

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